Thoughts on the Chauvin verdict

I’m clear-eyed that dismantling the system of white supremacy that allowed for George Floyd’s life to be stolen in the first place doesn’t end here with Chauvin’s guilty verdict.

The whole system is the problem.

This verdict doesn’t bring back George Floyd’s life, nor does it paper over the hurt experienced by his loved ones and by a nation that grieves for him. This verdict is welcomed, but it is not justice. Justice would be rebuilding this entire system to ensure that what happened to George Floyd and countless others never happens again. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of acquittals for this one guilty verdict. For Black lives to truly matter, we must dismantle the systems that allow for Black life to be taken away so carelessly and so regularly.

Let this verdict only reinvigorate the demand for a re-imagined society and a new love-based paradigm of equity and equality.

In solidarity let’s work every day for a future that cares for and sustains Black life and not stop working until we bring that future to life.

For more information on how we can work to reimagine and rebuild the entrenched system of policing in this country for a more just and equitable society: