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Journal Your Way to Success

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Record your successes to empower action you are taking.

Once you set a goal, and you’ve begun taking steps, it’s important to chart your success. Writing down everything you do toward your goals empowers the actions you are taking and allows you to see the progress. Many times, it’s too easy to forget how much we have done toward our goals. Charting that progress is one of the best things you can do to keep you moving.

To begin your journal:

1. Write out your goal. Make it specific and realistic.  One of the biggest sabotages to success is that the goal is not realistic. The component of the goal that is usually not realistic for many people is the time line.  We live in a culture where we expect things to happen quickly, and frequently the time lines we write into our goals are not workable. Think about a time line that you can fit into your schedule and be willing to change it if necessary.

2. Come up with steps that you can take tomorrow, this week, this month, etc.  Small steps work. Again, make them realistic. List these planned steps in your journal after your goal.

3. When you complete each step, record that in your journal.

4. When you reach benchmarks within your goal, write about it.

5. Record any positive experiences as you encounter them in the process toward your goal.

Writing things down makes them more concrete in your life and empowers your action so you can see your success.

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