Traveler’s Perspective–Egypt

Traveling offers the unique opportunity to take yourself out of the daily routine and gain a fresh outlook. When traveling in another country, you are more able to see not only the world with a new perspective, but also yourself.  You can see yourself through more fully open eyes (the beautiful parts as well as the warts), and opportunities for growth and positive change are plentiful and diverse. If you release the expectations of what you are used to (which is necessary in order to be a good and welcome guest in someone else’s country), and open your mind and heart to learning about others and their world, your journey can be filled with happiness and  amazing, powerful experiences.

Travel provides a temporary creative imbalance that  can be useful in knocking loose some of the “stuck” places in our lives, and it nurtures more adaptability in us. My husband and I recently traveled to Egypt, and it was a beautiful, powerful adventure of experiencing a people with big hearts and an amazing history. I’ve fallen in love with the Egyptian people–their kind and generous hospitality and their friendly smiles.  It was a trip of a lifetime.

Here are some of my pictures.

© Mary Claire O’Neal

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